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He Shall Give His Angels Charge Concerning You (Story Snippet)

Let me paint you a picture of a Friday morning in my life. The sun is shining, the quail are calling, and I don’t have a blog post written. Usually I have at least an idea of what I want to write by the time Wednesday rolls around, but this week inspiration eluded me. At long last, however, I pinned down an idea that I decided was worth exploring. This snippet of writing was about guardian angels.

Now, people have varying opinions on this subject. I believe that God does send angels to watch over his children in various capacities, whether for protection in the physical realm, defense in the spiritual realm, or something entirely different. All of us have heard stories of everyday encounters with angels. We excitedly point to the verse about “unknowingly entertaining angels” and share about miracles we’ve experienced in our own lives. Sometimes I wonder what the angels think when they look at us. Are they smiling? Shaking their heads? Wondering when we’re finally going to get a clue and learn from our mistakes?

I was inspired to write a story snippet from the perspective of an angel narrating his experiences. I could have made it funny, but I went for a more serious and philosophical tone because it gave me a chance to write about the ideas that have been on my mind lately. I hope you enjoy my take on a day in the life of a guardian angel. 🙂

Log: 2020-10-16 17:12:45Z

Since the beginning of the assignment XX years ago, I have observed that the ward experiences more conflict on the spiritual plane than in the physical realm. This is due in large part to her avoiding unfriendly or hostile situations. Most who live within the northwest quadrant of this world can do so with relative ease, for they are not yet subject to daily persecution for their faith. Their apparent security is both a blessing and a cursing.

Mankind has a propensity to base everything on their limited understanding of the world. When they ignore the spiritual realm, they only scratch the surface of reality; the spiritual is so much deeper, but mankind gets caught on what they can see, feel, and experience. Yahweh blesses some with comfortable surroundings, but they inevitably allow it to cloud their thinking. When faced with physical opposition that is spiritually motivated, however, Yahweh’s children can see the connection between the two realms far more easily. They are forced to act out their convictions and sacrifice for them. The faith of these Christ-followers tends to be much healthier than their counterparts who enjoy physical health and security every day.

The ward and other Christ-followers of her generation experience an unbalance between physical and spiritual conflict. When they encounter heavy spiritual warfare, they find it much easier to give up what is eternal to enjoy what is temporary. The ward has witnessed many such falling-aways in her short span of years, and she has concluded that most of these are caused by the seed being without root, choked with thorns, or stolen away.

Another unfortunate side effect of the unbalance is the ward’s propensity to forget what Yahweh has already done for her. Because He operates predominantly in the spiritual, she has difficulty grasping onto His promises without a physical reminder of His presence. This is when πίστις, the shield of faith, is utilized. If only the ward would remember that even though sometimes Yahweh’s presence or voice cannot be felt or heard, it does not mean He has abandoned her.

When it comes to potentially dangerous situations in the physical, the ward has gone through one or two as of late. The most recent was when she traveled to a reconstruction of the Ark. Although crucial battles were fought on the way to and from the destination, Yahweh ensured that she and her companions were kept in perfect safety from the moment they departed their residence to the moment they returned. Less danger existed at the Ark than in other locations, for it was built on a foundation of prayer and many Christ-followers walked its grounds. Mankind’s innovation never ceases to amaze. Yahweh has given them many wonderful gifts to shape and influence their world, and these Christ-followers have used theirs in a way that honors their Creator.

Today the ward has not experienced many conflicts in either of the realms. Yahweh keeps the roof over her head and the ground firm under her feet. He blesses her with food and water, the promises of His Word, the love of family and friends, and the stirring of creativity and imagination, gifts He has given her to glorify Him. He sends guardians to protect the light that His children bear in the dark world, turning aside the enemy’s agents, spiritual or physical, before they enter the neighborhood with evil intent.

Standing watch over this abode with other ἄγγελοι is, on a typical day, uneventful. The enemy’s agents are always on the prowl, though, and will doubtless take full advantage of the day when death is celebrated and the time leading up to when the country chooses to either renew their present leadership or appoint a new executive. This season is one full of violent battles in the spiritual. The ward knows this but cannot fathom the struggles that lie ahead for her and other Christ-followers. Even now, she is smiling as she creates what she thinks a guardian sent by Yahweh might write about his experiences. While it will likely be woefully incorrect, her heart is in the right place, and she may even learn spiritual truths from it.

The reality the wards experience is only a sliver of eternity, and even that sliver has been tainted. Mankind is a hollow shell, a broken pitcher, and a dying ember, not even a fraction of what Yahweh intended them to be. Perhaps that is fortunate. In a state of wholeness, with the full capacity of their minds and bodies, they would rival even the might of the ἄγγελοι. Over the millennia, they have lost much of the original aptitude Yahweh gave them, but one day, after the catching-away, ἁρπάζω, of His children and the judgment of the world, that will be restored. Only Yahweh knows when that day is, but even the Christ-followers can sense that it is soon, and they say μαρὰν ἀθά: maranatha, may the Lord come.

End Log.

Thanks for reading! As a bit of a disclaimer, I am by no means an expert on philosophy or theology; these are just the ideas that I have formed from my own study of the Bible and the writings of Bible scholars much more learned than I am. I hope you enjoyed anyway. What do you think about guardian angels? Have you ever had an experience where you knew God had sent one to watch over you? Comment down below and tell your story; I’d love to hear from you.

Have a blessed day, friends! Until next time,

Published by The Arbitrary Fairy

I am a writer, artist, introvert, book lover, and music enthusiast! On The Arbitrary Fairy, I blog about various topics that I am passionate about. I hope that my writing brings a little spark of light to the lives of my readers.

3 thoughts on “He Shall Give His Angels Charge Concerning You (Story Snippet)

  1. As always, your post is both delightful and thought-provoking. I have often thought some of the same things about us Christians in the ‘northwest quadrant’; sometimes it seems as though it would be easier to be forced into action by danger than be left battling a false sense of security and the lure of comfort.

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    1. Thanks for reading! Yes, I know what you mean. I do feel grateful for the blessings God has given us here, but I also want to be strong enough to stand for my faith even in the face of great opposition. This “comfort culture” makes Christ-followers silent and complacent, such that many would “fall away” when faced with a stronger fight.


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