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Autumn Adventures (A Day in the Life)

Hail, friends, and well met! It finally feels like fall. That might sound weird to those of you who are already getting snow, but in my part of the world we have had summer heat and no rainfall throughout October. I’m not writing this blog post to complain about summer overstaying its welcome, though. No, I’m writing to rejoice in the taste of fall weather we have been getting!

Last week, my family went on another adventure to the mountains. You have to understand that down here, our trees’ autumnal display is underwhelming at best. Up in the mountains, however, the trees have fine raiment of gold and copper. While in other regions the leaves might turn more flamboyant colors, I am content with ours. I was too much in awe of the colors to get out my camera, but fortunately, my sister snapped a picture or two.

During the trip, we hiked up a challenging trail and took pictures of the waterfall at the top. We stayed until dusk and drove home in the dark, and I reflected on how the most joyous moments in life are those shared with family and friends.

Yes, we have underwhelming waterfalls, too.

On an unrelated note, I have also decided to hone my cooking skills. So far, I have fallen headlong into the world of baked oatmeal (the pumpkin and sweet potato kinds are excellent) and made a dish that includes kale and sweet potatoes. Can you tell that I’m running with the theme of pumpkin and sweet potato for autumn?

Christmas is almost here! On the day that this blog post is published, it is a mere two months until Christmas! This year, I am planning for Christmas presents early. I recently had a crazy idea for a gift “theme” that can apply to a fair number of people in my acquaintance. Crazy in what way, you ask? Well, crazy in that it would take a crazy amount of time, patience, and creative energy.

I have also been working on various art and writing projects. Have you ever heard of Inktober? It’s when an artist attempts to make an ink drawing every day of October based on a list of prompts. I attempted it last year but only managed to draw half the prompts. This year, I have only done a few of the prompts that interest me. (Here’s hoping that doesn’t make anyone angry.)

One of my goals for this year was to finish a major edit of my second book, and I accomplished that this past month! The story only needs a few minor tweaks before I can send it off to beta-readers. I also received some very honest and helpful critiques of my first book which have the gears in my head turning.

Oh, and I finished reading Adorning the Dark: Thoughts on Community, Calling, and the Mystery of Making by Andrew Peterson, the same guy who wrote the Wingfeather Saga (my favorite book series). My friend Ashley Everhart recommended that I read it, and I am so glad I did. I would encourage every author and songwriter to get a copy.

Goodness, this blog post was all over the place. I decided I might as well give a project/life update instead of skipping a week, and this is what resulted. I hope to release the final part of my “Reader’s Guide” series soon, as well as do a blog tag I have been procrastinating on. Can you believe October is almost over? I’m excited for November. It’s the month of my birthday and Thanksgiving, as well as the time of year when Christmas decorations first appear and festive music begins to play on the radio. (I hope they at least wait until after Thanksgiving, though.)

What are you most excited about doing this fall? Do you have any special autumn traditions? Have you taken up any new hobbies lately, like me with my cooking experiments? Feel free to leave a comment about it; I’d love to hear from you! 😀

Until next time, friends!

Published by The Arbitrary Fairy

I am a writer, artist, introvert, book lover, and music enthusiast! On The Arbitrary Fairy, I blog about various topics that I am passionate about. I hope that my writing brings a little spark of light to the lives of my readers.

2 thoughts on “Autumn Adventures (A Day in the Life)

  1. Reading this post felt like having a cozy chat with you over a cup of tea; I loved it!
    I am still in denial over how fast the year is going by, but I am very excited to listen to (and sing) Christmas music, play cello, and bake cookies and pies and turkeys!

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