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A Week in the Life (+Project Update!)

Hello, friends, and Happy Fall! I’m so ready for the cooler days, the colorful leaves, and the feeling that the year is waning, but I am enduring. For me, September passed in a blur of math homework and book reading. I finally read Mistborn and Fable and enjoyed both of them. I am also looking forward to attending a renaissance fair later in October.

In a moment I will give a project update, but first, here’s a week in the life of a student/bookworm/aspiring author… (I got this idea from Hope Ann who got it from Gabrielle Pollack over at Story Embers.)

Day 1:

Get up early, read Bible, eat food, log on to school website, look over assignments, plan week. Start work on one assignment, get bored, go looking for more food (because by now it’s about lunchtime). Consider doing digital art…decide against it and instead play game. Eat dinner. It is now 8:00, so it’s time to do something productive. Get distracted by Discord pings and end up voice chatting with friends until 10:30. Go to sleep.

Day 2:

Get up slightly later than the day before, read Bible, eat food, finish a few school assignments, forget to eat lunch until 4:00, consider fixing Ingramspark account, procrastinate instead. Watch some Youtube before bed, sleep.

Day 3:

Continue usual morning/school routine, finish art project, check school grades, make dinner, and read book for the rest of the evening/night.

Day 4:

Wake up groggily. Regret life choices and vainly promise to never stay up until 2 am finishing a book again. Complete most school assignments. Take practice math test. Decide to procrastinate on graded math test and instead check Discord. Play game. Go to sleep.

Day 5:

Rejoice that it’s Friday!! Finish math test, then facepalm about getting 1/4 of an answer wrong because of a rounding error. Email teacher about the situation. Receive full credit because the teacher is just very nice like that. Finish another art project!!! Celebrate parents’ anniversary with a fun meal. Go to sleep.

Day 6:

Wake up early, eat food, play games with friends, go to the library. Be sad that no holds are in. 😦 Watch a game tournament and get entirely too excited about a team winning. Receive completed book edit from editor and bounce excitedly!!! Make family meal, do some cleaning, and go to sleep happy. 🙂

Day 7:

Wake up. Learn something new during Sunday sermon. Practice a little art while preparing for Inktober. Finally decide to buckle down and get Ingramspark sorted out. Complete the process mostly painlessly. Remember that a blog exists. Write blog post!! Pet cat! 😀 Get ready for bed, then sleep.

That was a week in the life of me. I was both productive and unproductive, as usual. I’m very excited for Inktober next month; I’ll be posting the art that results from the prompts on my art Instagram, @lemonade.popsicles.

And yes, you read it right. My editor just finished the professional edit of my book. With this development comes a new weight of responsibility. I have to get this book ready for publishing. Formatting won’t be an issue; I already know how I want it to look and know how to design it. The cover design will also be relatively easy since I have the art drawn; I just need to make sure it’s the right size and add the design details. All of the art is finished and scanned except for the map, which is about 90% done. I only need to insert the drawings into the manuscript.

The one obstacle I’m not looking forward to tackling is the ebook formatting, but I think I know how to do that. That Ingramspark thing I mentioned was also tricky…I had to create another account since they apparently deleted my old one (customer support wasn’t exactly helpful in that regard) but at least I feel more confident about the whole process now.

I even have a date in mind for the actual publication of this book! I won’t share it just yet, though.

How was your September? Do you have any big plans for next month? What’s your favorite thing about autumn? I’d love to hear about it in the replies below. Farewell, friends!

Published by The Arbitrary Fairy

I am a writer, artist, introvert, book lover, and music enthusiast! On The Arbitrary Fairy, I blog about various topics that I am passionate about. I hope that my writing brings a little spark of light to the lives of my readers.

4 thoughts on “A Week in the Life (+Project Update!)

  1. You stayed up until 2 a.m.!!!
    Just wait until you are in college full time…smh.
    You are so close to publishing! I can hardly believe it.
    I think my favorite part of fall/winter is being able to really enjoy tea and a blanket at the same time.

    Liked by 1 person

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