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About Me

Welcome to my blog!

Hello! I’m the Arbitrary Fairy, AKA Ariella Newheart. I’m an arbitrary, introverted, red-headed writer and artist who is passionate about books, music, and most importantly, my faith. My goal for this blog is to bring a little light to the lives of my readers. Glimmers of it are all around, elusive but abundant. I and others like me seek to catch those will-o’-the-wisps and give them to you.

On this blog, you may see articles about writing (tips, tricks, wanderings, warnings, rants, reviews, poems, book blurbs, short stories, and character interviews), art (photos, sketches, and crafts), and perhaps a few glimpses of my life and doings outside the computer screen.

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See you in the next blog post, my fellow Lightbearers!

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