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A Week in the Life (+Project Update!)

Hello, friends, and Happy Fall! I’m so ready for the cooler days, the colorful leaves, and the feeling that the year is waning, but I am enduring. For me, September passed in a blur of math homework and book reading. I finally read Mistborn and Fable and enjoyed both of them. I am also lookingContinue reading “A Week in the Life (+Project Update!)”

Summer Reading Update + Character Art

Hey guys! Happy August! I’m back to give an update on the books I’ve been reading as well as share some of my recent art. In the last post, I gave a list of books that I wanted to read within the next few months, and I’ve made it through three of them so far.Continue reading “Summer Reading Update + Character Art”

Writing Tips I Wish I Knew Before Self-Publishing

Hey everyone! I’m back! It’s June, and that’s the month when most people are going to summer camp or Disney World. Meanwhile, I’m editing my book again. This time it’s a profitable edit, I promise. My editor has recommended some structural changes which I am now implementing. It’s so much fun to work on myContinue reading “Writing Tips I Wish I Knew Before Self-Publishing”

Liebster Award (The Threequel?)

It’s summer! Okay, maybe not technically, but where I live it’s already scorching so I consider it to be summer. Besides, I’m on summer break, aren’t I? It’s not like I have a summer class or anything. Moving on… I was bitten by an art bug a few weeks ago, and I’ve been drawing aContinue reading “Liebster Award (The Threequel?)”

A Treasury of Ideas (Writing Reflection)

I used to be the kind of writer who would tear off scraps of paper to write story ideas on, then tape those papers to the wall in a collage of words. Every time I discovered something new and interesting about the world, I would take note of it and weave it into my stories.Continue reading “A Treasury of Ideas (Writing Reflection)”