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April Project Update!

Wow, I can’t believe April is almost over. That went fast. Altogether, April has been a month full of sunshine, birdsong, imagination, creativity, watercolors, library trips, and books. I also watched The Chosen for the first time with my family and was pleasantly surprised. Here’s a collage of pictures from this month: I have managedContinue reading “April Project Update!”

The Theme of My Book & What It Means to Me

Hello, friends! This week, I’d love to share some details of my book with you! I have been writing stories for a long time. Some of my first book ideas were contemporary fiction with mystery aspects, likely inspired by Nancy Drew. Another story, however, had its beginnings in the How To Train Your Dragon movieContinue reading “The Theme of My Book & What It Means to Me”

The Problem of Perfectionism + Project Update!

Hey all! I hope you had a good Resurrection Day! Is it just me, or does life feel like it goes by a lot faster nowadays? I thought I would give a bit of a project update and set some goals for myself this April. Back in September, I estimated it would take six monthsContinue reading “The Problem of Perfectionism + Project Update!”

March Reading Update {feat. The Lunar Chronicles}

Hey, everyone! I’m baaaack! (Not that I really went away…it just feels like it’s been a while.) I know I just wrote a post about my March reading goals, but I want to give a recap now. Books have occupied a lot of my time this month. I didn’t realize how starved I was forContinue reading “March Reading Update {feat. The Lunar Chronicles}”

Choose Your Own Adventure (Fairy Tale Tag Edition)

Remember those books written in second person POV that gave you a scenario and let you choose how to react, essentially making you the main character of the story? This is similar but also different—just a list of prompts—but I like the idea of getting to be the protagonist of the fairy tale for a change. What could go wrong? (Last time I said that, I nearly got eaten by a dragon, but we don’t talk about that.)