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Summer Reading Update + Character Art

Hey guys! Happy August! I’m back to give an update on the books I’ve been reading as well as share some of my recent art. In the last post, I gave a list of books that I wanted to read within the next few months, and I’ve made it through three of them so far.Continue reading “Summer Reading Update + Character Art”

April Project Update!

Wow, I can’t believe April is almost over. That went fast. Altogether, April has been a month full of sunshine, birdsong, imagination, creativity, watercolors, library trips, and books. I also watched The Chosen for the first time with my family and was pleasantly surprised. Here’s a collage of pictures from this month: I have managedContinue reading “April Project Update!”

A Reader’s Guide to The Silmarillion /// Part Ten

You know when you procrastinate so much on something you forget where you left off and discover you have lost your inspiration for the project? That was me for a long time with this blog series. This is the final part, though, so I decided I had better fight off that procrastination monster for longContinue reading “A Reader’s Guide to The Silmarillion /// Part Ten”

A Reader’s Guide to the Silmarillion /// Part Nine

Greetings, Lightbringers! I present to you part nine of my “Reader’s Guide” series. This week, we’re reviewing chapters 20-21 of The Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien. We will learn of Nirnaeth Arnoediad, the Battle of Unnumbered Tears, and a bit about the unfortunate Túrin Turambar, whose story is one of the most tragic in the entireContinue reading “A Reader’s Guide to the Silmarillion /// Part Nine”

The Storywell – Cadenza

Ah, I see you have returned for the continuation of the Storywell adventure! This week we’re getting to know Cadenza, one of my personal favorite characters. (Just don’t tell the others.) She’s tall, flame-haired, and freckled, with sharp gray eyes and an even sharper tongue. I have attempted many times to draw Cadenza, and moreContinue reading “The Storywell – Cadenza”

A Reader’s Guide to The Tale of Beren and Lúthien /// Part Eight

Hurrah! We have made it to part eight of this series! I have been anticipating this special section of The Silmarillion since the very beginning of the project. It’s arguably one of the greatest adventures of the entire book: the story of Beren and Lúthien. If you recall, Beren was introduced a few chapters agoContinue reading “A Reader’s Guide to The Tale of Beren and Lúthien /// Part Eight”

A Reader’s Guide to The Silmarillion /// Part Seven

Welcome back, friends! This week, I’m continuing my “Reader’s Guide” series with chapters 16-18 of The Silmarillion. In this section we will be introduced to Maeglin, son of Eöl and Aredhel, and learn about “The Battle of Sudden Flame” which brought about the ruin of Beleriand and downfall of Fingolfin, the High King of theContinue reading “A Reader’s Guide to The Silmarillion /// Part Seven”

The Storywell – Brynna Sparrow

Welcome back to the Storywell, where I as an author can jump into the pages of my books and interrogate my characters! Today I venture back into the world of Reimira, this time to visit a precious charrie called Brynna Sparrow. No, she is not the long lost daughter of Jack Sparrow (that would beContinue reading “The Storywell – Brynna Sparrow”