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A Week in the Life (+Project Update!)

Hello, friends, and Happy Fall! I’m so ready for the cooler days, the colorful leaves, and the feeling that the year is waning, but I am enduring. For me, September passed in a blur of math homework and book reading. I finally read Mistborn and Fable and enjoyed both of them. I am also lookingContinue reading “A Week in the Life (+Project Update!)”

Writing Tips I Wish I Knew Before Self-Publishing

Hey everyone! I’m back! It’s June, and that’s the month when most people are going to summer camp or Disney World. Meanwhile, I’m editing my book again. This time it’s a profitable edit, I promise. My editor has recommended some structural changes which I am now implementing. It’s so much fun to work on myContinue reading “Writing Tips I Wish I Knew Before Self-Publishing”

April Project Update!

Wow, I can’t believe April is almost over. That went fast. Altogether, April has been a month full of sunshine, birdsong, imagination, creativity, watercolors, library trips, and books. I also watched The Chosen for the first time with my family and was pleasantly surprised. Here’s a collage of pictures from this month: I have managedContinue reading “April Project Update!”

The Problem of Perfectionism + Project Update!

Hey all! I hope you had a good Resurrection Day! Is it just me, or does life feel like it goes by a lot faster nowadays? I thought I would give a bit of a project update and set some goals for myself this April. Back in September, I estimated it would take six monthsContinue reading “The Problem of Perfectionism + Project Update!”

Choose Your Own Adventure (Fairy Tale Tag Edition)

Remember those books written in second person POV that gave you a scenario and let you choose how to react, essentially making you the main character of the story? This is similar but also different—just a list of prompts—but I like the idea of getting to be the protagonist of the fairy tale for a change. What could go wrong? (Last time I said that, I nearly got eaten by a dragon, but we don’t talk about that.)

The Menacing World of Marketing (+ Important Announcement!)

I discuss my marketing strategies and make an important announcement!

When Am I Going to Publish My Book? (Project Update)

There are a lot of questions I ask myself every day. What am I going to eat for breakfast? (Usually cereal or yogurt with berries.) What should I do today? (Definitely something productive, right? That’s always the hope.) Why is my cat meowing for someone to pet him again? (He’s just a crybaby, I suppose.)Continue reading “When Am I Going to Publish My Book? (Project Update)”