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The Storywell – Cadenza

Ah, I see you have returned for the continuation of the Storywell adventure! This week we’re getting to know Cadenza, one of my personal favorite characters. (Just don’t tell the others.) She’s tall, flame-haired, and freckled, with sharp gray eyes and an even sharper tongue. I have attempted many times to draw Cadenza, and moreContinue reading “The Storywell – Cadenza”

The Storywell – Brynna Sparrow

Welcome back to the Storywell, where I as an author can jump into the pages of my books and interrogate my characters! Today I venture back into the world of Reimira, this time to visit a precious charrie called Brynna Sparrow. No, she is not the long lost daughter of Jack Sparrow (that would beContinue reading “The Storywell – Brynna Sparrow”