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A Week in the Life (+Project Update!)

Hello, friends, and Happy Fall! I’m so ready for the cooler days, the colorful leaves, and the feeling that the year is waning, but I am enduring. For me, September passed in a blur of math homework and book reading. I finally read Mistborn and Fable and enjoyed both of them. I am also lookingContinue reading “A Week in the Life (+Project Update!)”

The Theme of My Book & What It Means to Me

Hello, friends! This week, I’d love to share some details of my book with you! I have been writing stories for a long time. Some of my first book ideas were contemporary fiction with mystery aspects, likely inspired by Nancy Drew. Another story, however, had its beginnings in the How To Train Your Dragon movieContinue reading “The Theme of My Book & What It Means to Me”

The Menacing World of Marketing (+ Important Announcement!)

I discuss my marketing strategies and make an important announcement!