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February is Fantasy Month! (Blog Linkup)

That’s right, folks! February has been dubbed “Fantasy Month” for all the book lovers out there. (I actually didn’t learn this until recently. Even though I’m hopping on the hype train right at the end, at least I didn’t miss it entirely.) In case you’re wondering why I posted on a Friday instead of MondayContinue reading “February is Fantasy Month! (Blog Linkup)”

The Song of the Wanderer (Blog Swap Finale)

Hello, friends! Welcome to the third and final installment of Blog Swap, a collaboration between me and The Everhart Author. Every other week, she and I have swapped stories, continuing what the other person has written on our blog. This week, we finish our original stories using the prompts that are given to us andContinue reading “The Song of the Wanderer (Blog Swap Finale)”

A Reader’s Guide to The Silmarillion /// Part Ten

You know when you procrastinate so much on something you forget where you left off and discover you have lost your inspiration for the project? That was me for a long time with this blog series. This is the final part, though, so I decided I had better fight off that procrastination monster for longContinue reading “A Reader’s Guide to The Silmarillion /// Part Ten”