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The Song of the Wanderer (Blog Swap Finale)

Hello, friends! Welcome to the third and final installment of Blog Swap, a collaboration between me and The Everhart Author. Every other week, she and I have swapped stories, continuing what the other person has written on our blog. This week, we finish our original stories using the prompts that are given to us andContinue reading “The Song of the Wanderer (Blog Swap Finale)”

The Scroll of Truth (Blog Swap Part 1)

Greetings, friends! This week I have something special to share! I present to you…Blog Swap! It’s where two writerly bloggers exchange stories using prompts given to them. In case that doesn’t make sense, here are the basic rules: Each participant will receive three specifications at the beginning of Blog Swap supplied by a third party.Continue reading “The Scroll of Truth (Blog Swap Part 1)”